Do you still have or use a computer that uses the venerable Microsoft Windows XP operating system? If so, get ready to watch it fade into the sunset! According to a report by USA Today, Windows XP will reach "end of life" on April 8, 2014. What does "end of life" mean, and how will it affect you, if you still use XP?

Syndicated radio host and USA Today columnist Kim Komando writes: "End of life means Microsoft won’t be releasing any more security updates to the average user. Any security flaws that hackers find won’t be fixed. Your computer will be a sitting duck, even with security software installed."

Does this mean those of us who still have and/or use PC's with XP are S.O.L.? No, but Komando goes on to say: "...That doesn’t mean XP will suddenly stop working. You can keep using it if you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it."

You can read the entire article by CLICKING HERE.

Well, I wonder if we'll be getting new computers in our studios? We use the Nex/Gen control software to record and playback nearly everything you hear on the air: music, commercials, jingles, etc. These machines run on the XP operating system, as do most of our audio production and office computers.

Will the incredibly frugal and oppressive management here at the radio station put it in the budget for next year? Time will tell, but if you don't see any blogs from me after April 8. 2014, you'll know what the answer was!