Know What's In Stock Before You Go
Grocery shopping, although essential, can be an unnecessary risk especially when you discover when you get there that what you needed isn't on the shelves, in stock or on the way. can help.
The Texas Mile Returns!
Drivers and Spectators Gear Up for The Texas Mile!
The Texas Mile Returns to the Victoria, TX Regional Airport this
October 18-20
VICTORIA, TEXAS—As the most recognized 1-Mile Top Speed Racing event in the world, the much anticipated Texas Mile returns to the Victoria, Texas Regional Airport Octo…
Crossroads Area 911 System Upgraded to Allow Text Messages
The 911 emergency system is a great tool to have to reach first responders, but what if the person who needs emergency services can't speak or is hard of hearing?
That problem is no more, thanks to system upgrades that will now allow the system to receive text messages...
Jackson County Government Hit With Ransomware Attack
We rely so much on computers for our day-to-day business these days, and that leaves us vulnerable to bad actors who try to take advantage of that fact to get us to pay up. Jackson County government officials say they're currently fighting one of these attacks that have taken over their computer net…

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