The first time we met Stephanie Ross in the studio, and we can't even make this up, she showed us her feet. Well, more specifically, a hole in her foot.

Uninhibited and vivacious, Stephanie relayed the story of how she and her friends alongside her six year old son, Leslie, had only been in the water for a few minutes at Port A when a heavy wave knocked Stephanie off balance and she had the misfortune of stepping on a stingray. " It felt like being stabbed with glass. Not that I've been stabbed with glass before, but you know when you see someone break a bottle in the movies and hit someone, now I think I know what that feels like!" We all laugh.

In her beautiful raspy voice she exclaims, " Please let the world know, so they quit asking me, "YES I KNOW TO SHUFFLE MY FEET!"

We didn't know Stephanie as a performer that day in the studio, she had come to cut a commercial for Bethany Senior Living, where she works as a external marketer, a job she will tell you that she absolutely loves. She was a natural on the microphone, which tipped us off, and shortly after finishing the commercial, we talked music.

Yep, talking music, it's what we do here!  And now, we are so excited to announce that Stephanie Ross and Southern Drive will be performing at the Mac Haik Performance Center, outdoors following strict social distancing guidelines, on July 30th.

But first, we wanted to take you behind the scenes to learn more about Stephanie and Southern Drive.

"My father says he never met anyone who knew what they wanted to become at such a young age, but truthfully by the time I could complete a thought, I knew I wanted to perform. At every event, every where we went, I had my family sit and listen to me sing." Stephanie offers. By the age of 11, Stephanie committed to learning to play guitar. Music is a part of her lineage, as she sat next to her grandfather, Calvin Adams, her uncle Mike Adams and her brother-in law, Mark Longoria, strumming chords and falling even more in love with music.

Stephanie still plays the guitar her grandfather gave her, a Takamine.

She plays acoustic electric in the band.

The band, Southern Drive, has a history of their own, each member with years of music experience, some of who have played with Stephanie for years. Elvis Ruiz, David Stockton, Chris Zuber and Brandon Mills have played alongside Stephanie locally and throughout Texas as the band has picked up their fan following and music momentum. "The name of the band comes from the "drive" in music. You drive music, pushing the energy of songs," Stephanie explains. "We love Southern music." she offers earnestly. She credits her mother for putting 'drive' and their love of southern music together to form Southern Drive. " It fits us perfectly." Stephanie offers.

As they begin to record original music in local studios, Stephanie says that as much as becoming a nationally recognized band might intrigue them, they are very happy where they are. " We all have families and jobs," Stephanie says. " We are careful to protect our family time, even if some special weekends require we play Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights." She says that if there was one thing on their collective bucket list, it would be to play in Luckenbach and Gruene, quintessential Texas music venues, like Schroeder, which they have happily played before. Stephanie says their bucket list is more about paying tribute to their love of southern music. "One thing I can offer about Texas and Victoria musicians is that we all have a good relationship with each other."

One of the greatest compliments Stephanie and the band get is requests for more of their original music, not just their covers. " Right now we're working on our latest song, 'You Should Be Here', I'm really excited about this song." she adds, " I've had people messaging me about winning tickets to the Mac Haik Perfomace Center concert too!" Stephanie exclaims, just as we've had winners picking up tickets explain they have seen Stephanie Ross and Southern Drive before and can't wait to see them outdoors on July 30th. We're so pleased that Stephanie came in for her Bethany Living commercial and we got to talking about music! Serendipity!

Now, about that hole in Stephanie's foot... it certainly hasn't slowed her down. Between work, family and recording new music Stephanie gave us an update. " It is finally starting to heal," she laughs over the phone, " I hate that it's summer and I can't wear the shoes I want to wear! She exclaims, " DUDE, I AM ROCKING THESE CROC'S !" she laughs. We have to laugh too. That is true Stephanie Ross right there!

And we can't wait to have Stephanie Ross and Southern Drive, rocking our parking lot either! Join us! It's going to be AWESOME!

Want to know more about Stephanie Ross and Southern Drive? Click their Facebook link here. Want to know how you can WIN tickets to the live music experience that money can't buy, Stephanie Ross and Southern Drive, July 30th? Click here.

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