With Garth Brooks celebrating his 61st birthday today, we thought it would be a great time to remember the now time that Garth Brooks once played in Victoria, Texas. Not only did he perform in Victoria, Texas but also made a special appearance at the old Walmart on North Navarro that is now a Hobbly Lobby. Who remembers that? See the photo below.

He appeared at the Walmart on Saturday, February, 10th 1990, the afternoon before his performance. He was was coined, at the time, as 'Capitol Recording Artists' and 'the newest in Country music. Check out the clipping from the special event. His biggest hits, at the time, were "If Tomorrow Never Comes,' 'Much Too Young(To Feel This Damn Old), 'The Thunder Rolls,' and 'Friends in Low Places.'He was already a huge star in Country music but we just didn't know it. He performed at the Bluebonnet Convention Center! There were so many great shows at BBC and one show that never happened, read below.



The year before, a gentleman by the name of Keith Whitley was scheduled to play at that very same venue. BTW, I consider Keith Whitley the best Country voice of all time. Just my personal opinion.   That show never happened!  Keith Whitley passed away the week that he was supposed to perform in Victoria.  The cause of Whitley's death was an accidental overdose of alcohol   The singer's blood alcohol content was measured at . 477, almost five times the amount to be declared intoxicated in Tennessee. Did anyone have tickets to this show?

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