One of the most exciting things about our Mac Haik Performance Center live VIP concerts is watching our local musicians growing as artists and expanding their reach.

In other words, when you attend a VIP concert at the Mac Haik Performance Center, you're getting the best of the best of up and coming local artists!

The perfect example is the story of the Crossroads very own, Staudt Brothers Band.

The Staudt Brothers have undergone something of a metamorphosis beginning as the No Chance Band, and most recently welcoming a new drummer and bassist prior to entering the studio for their latest EP. The new lineup Staudt Brothers features Caleb Staudt (guitar, vocals); John White (mandolin); Matthew Groll (drums); David Stockton(bass guitar, backing vocals) and Chris Benson (lead guitar).

This will be the third time the Staudt Bros will grace the Mac Haik stage, just a few weeks after their latest release of "Someday." Someday is the first release of their upcoming EP "Livewire Priest."

“Someday” is at its core aspirational, but you can’t help but feel the frustration in the lyrics. Indeed, an ironic edge permeates the entire song. “I’m fascinated by the human condition,” Caleb Staudt, vocalist and guitarist for Staudt Bro explains. “everyone experiences adversity and, hopefully triumph as well.”

You can read more about the Staudt Brothers, including the best "About The Band" origin story on the planet on the Staudt Brothers website here.

Here is a taste of their latest hit 'Someday' on their Staudt Brothers YouTube page.

But there is so much more! The Mac Haik Performance Center is the perfect way to get together with live music enthusiasts for great food, awesome cold drinks provided by Del Papa Distributing and a VIP invite to the after party at Dodge City Saloon!

Al that being said, your only way in is to WIN!!!

So register right now, right here!

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