CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Its Sunday, and assuming you don't have anywhere to be tomorrow (besides honoring our Veterans) then how about some bartender practicing? Here are some simple recipes that anyone can mix and enjoy.
Mermaid Mule (original source)
6 oz Vodka
3 oz Blue Curacao
3 oz Lime Juice
1 can (12oz) Ginger…
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Saturday is finally here! What are your plans? Do you have plans? Do you need plans? Perhaps your plans include some form of At Home Bartendering? If so, I think these recipes can assist you in your goal to grow as a Concoction Mixing Connoisseur, or simply put a person good at mixing drinks...
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Ready for some At Home Bartending? Gather the tools, gather your wits, gather your restraint (so you don't consume all the ingredients before the concoction is complete), and let's get mixing!
Jolly Rancher (original source)
1 oz Green Apple Vodka
1 oz Peach Schnapps
4 oz Cranberry Juice
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Are you ready for a weekend of fun and festivities? Perhaps you may be wanting to test your skills with some At Home Bartending? Here are few recipes simple enough for any Bartender in Training.
Cocky Rooster (original source)
1 Lime Wedge
1 oz Lime Juice
3 tsp Sriracha
3/8 tsp (3 dashes)…
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Time for Weekend Fun and time to relax. Some people relax by sitting and doing nothing, and other like to keep relaxed by doing things. Which kind of person are you? Well, why not try some At Home Bartending? That way you can work on making yourself a drink and then sit down to enjoy it...
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Ready for a weekend of fun? How do you celebrate your weekends? Do you go out with others? Do you enjoy your own company because your weekly routine has you interacting with people you would normally avoid in your "Outside Of Work" life? Do you want try testing your own skills at b…
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Ask yourself "Are you wanting to go out and spend money at a bar to get your drink, or would you rather stay home and be your own bartender?" Personally, I like the sound of the latter on that question. And in recognizing the Stay-Lazy-At-Home mentality, here are a some easy, and f…
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Its the Weekend! Time! To! Party!
Now the question is: "Do I go out or stay at home to party?" You don't have to go out to a bar to have a good time and a drink. You are more than capable of spending time at home and having a party with friends and family...
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Happy Easter! How have you celebrated today? Did you hunt some eggs? Meet up with friends or family, or both? Still celebrating? Well, how about some Easter Themed Drinks?
The Sweet Easter Bunny Cocktail (original source)
1 ½ oz Crème de Cacao
½ oz Vodka
1 tsp Chocolate Syrup
1 tsp Cherry Bra…
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Happy Easter Weekend! Have you gathered your supplies to ready yourself for parties and Get Together(s)? There is still some time before the liquor store closes if you want to make some special drinks. While not completely Easter-themed, these recipes should get you started on forming some idea…
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Ready for an evening of mixing and fun? Step 1: Go the Store. Step 2: Get Mixin'. Any of these recipes strike your fancy? If so, great! Let's get to it!
Minty Lime Kombucha Cocktail (original source)
4 oz Kombucha
2 oz Whiskey (your choice)
5-6 Fresh Mint Leaves
1/8 tsp Honey or Agave
½ oz Lem…
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Want to play Bartender this weekend? Here are some simple recipes that may just help you win the Best Party Host Of All Time award...maybe.
Old Glory (original source)
8-10 Blueberries
2 oz Long Island Vodka
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1 oz Simple Syrup
1-2 oz Oregon Pinot Noir
How To:
Muddle blueber…

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