Last year made us all a little sour, and now thanks to Freetail Brewing and their new 'Puro Pickle Beer' coming to major HEB locations throughout Texas this week, we're all going to feel a little pickled in 2021 too!

If you are a fan of pickles, this beer is for you! Personally, I can not wait to try it! You better believe my chilled beer mug with Puro Pickle will have a chili powder and lime salt rim!

Freetail Brewing calls San Antonio home. "Freetail Brewing Co. took flight in 2008 with the idea that a brewery shouldn’t just make great beer. It should embody the city it calls home. From its label designs to its name. And it should be as passionate about supporting its community as it is about kicking out fresh, innovative beers. For Freetail, San Antonio is more than our hometown. It’s why we brew," offers FreeTail Brewing.

My San Antonio reports, "Freetail President Bill Sisoian said he is "so excited" to offer another pickle-flavored beer in Texas (New Braunfels Brewing Co.'s PKL FKR was first to market, followed by Martin House Brewing's Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer). The San Antonio brewery's version, called "Puro Pickles" hit the local brewpub and taproom on Friday and is on shelves at 338 H-E-B locations as of Tuesday, Sisosian said".

They say 'necessity is mother of invention' and with pickle ice pops, pickled chips, and pickled peanuts already on the market, it was about time for a pickled beer!

Sisosian offered that the idea for crafting a sour beer was introduced through working with H-E-B on new ideas for products in October! In less than 100 days, the Puro Pickles beer went from an idea on a phone call to recipe development and branding to shelves!

As soon as Freetail's Puro Pickle hits our local Crossroads HEB shelves I'll be there to pick up a few and promise to go live with a taste test!

Get your pickle on!

Here's a taste of what life is like at Freetail Brewing!

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