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Kendra Krupala Music & That Damn Band to Perform at the Mac Haik Performance Center!

Join us for Kendra Krupala Music and That Damn Band as our EXCLUSIVE VIP guests at the Mac Haik Performance Center Thursday, October 21st, 2021 from 7 to 8 pm.

But to get in, you've got to win!

Here is the cool part though, registering to win tickets to come party with us, JP and Ingra Lee from the Kixs 108 Jp and Ingra Lee Show are easy.  We just need your name and contact information in the form below. Complete the form and BAM you are registered to win!


What can you expect at a live VIP concert?

Well for starters... awesome live music! First and foremost it's about the artists, many of who are up and coming! How about Kendra Krupala and That Damn Band? It's indie country and it's a live VIP music event you don't want to miss!

What can you expect from Kendra Krupala Music and That Damn Band!

Kendra is actually an English teacher at Schuellenburg High School, so she is a teacher by day and a musician by night! LOVE IT! I had an opportunity to talk to Kendra in between classes and she cracked me up! I asked her what VIP guests can expect at the performance. She answered, " You can expect hippie junkie, red dirt, Texas, old school rap, acoustic remix.... sing-alongs, something like that!"

We are so there for it!

Depending on the weather... IT'S RAIN OR SHINE!

Kendra Krupala and That Damn Band will be performing either live indoors at the Mac Haik Performance Center or outdoors in the Mac Haik Performance Center parking lot, depending on the weather, but around here it's rain or shine! If the weather is good, bring your lawn chairs!

There's more, so much more!

It's not just live music though... Thanks to our friends at  Vera Cruz we've got delicious fajita tacos and OMG guacamole from the GODS as well as all your adult beverages are coming at you free from our locally owned Del Papa Distributing.

After party!

The party doesn't stop! Don't forget to join us for the AFTER PARTY at Dodge City Saloon!

Now all you have to do is register!

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