Social media is a great place to find entertaining videos and here is one out of San Antonio that made me laugh.  The UTSA men's baseball team shared a video on TikTok sharing their guilty pleasure song and it will make you smile. I mean hearing such deep voices say they jam to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift brought a smile to my face.

I mean I have my guilty pleasure songs as well and might date myself with this one. To this day, every time I hear the song 'Stay' by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories, and absolutely lose it and sing a the top of my lungs. Too bad you will never see those karaoke videos LOL.


While we are talking about UTSA, can we just take a moment to recognize what a special season the football team is having?  They are one of only three undefeated college football teams in the NATION with a 10-0 record and for the first time in school, history is ranked in the top 25 College Football Rankings.  They have even had a rescheduled football game earlier this year and were moved into primetime.


This week's College AP rankings have the UTSA Roadrunners at #14 which is one spot ahead of #15 Texas A&M!  Baylor is currently ranked #11 in the nation while the University of Houston is ranked number 17th. Texas College football is definitely representing this year. However, I think the UTSA football team is still not getting the national love that it should. Stand up, ROADRUNNERS! 

UTSA takes on the University of Alabama at Birmingham this Saturday at 2:30 in hopes of continuing their winning ways and continue to climb the rankings. 

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