Tired of the same old love songs this Valentine's Day? Are you sick of hearing John Legend's "All of Me" all the time?! Well, I had the pleasure of being part of two major Texas Valentine compositions. That's right we are Texas proud on this day of love! They both capture the true essence of Valentine's Day and love in general.  The first is written by myself and talented rapper GMayniac is "Netflix and Chill."  FYI GMayniac under the name G-Mayne Da Wreck has new album out called "Wreckmode" -check it out! Ok, regarding our song,  I even lent my amazing pipes (vocals) to the track.  The song tells the tender story of  new couple who plan to get together to really get to know each and to enjoy a good Netflix offering. That is the G Rated explanation. So, without further ado...enjoy the long version of "Netflix and Chill" by GMayniac x Blanco x JQue...FYI I'm Blanco...I'll explain that name in the description for the next Valentine's Day classic...but enough of my yappin' here's "Netflix and Chill!"

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If you thought that was a great Valentine's Day song, hold on to your candy hearts! I was also part of what many consider the great Valentine's Day song of all-time!  Texas Radio Hall of Famer The Madd Hatta and I worked together for over 20 years.  In that time, we created the first bi-racial singing duo "Noir Y Blanco."  The meaning of the name basically...Black and White. Noir is French for "black" and Y Blanco is Spanish for "and white." Well, while I was on break in the studio, Noir snuck in and recorded "Valentine's Love."  Widely regarded as the greatest Valentine's song of all-time (sorry Andre 3000), Noir's auto-tuned excellence is a pure audio romance! Despite his solo excursion, Noir was nice enough to have me play "Key-tar" in the video.  Take a deep breath and enjoy..."Valentine's Love!" And, Happy Valentine's Day!

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