valentine's day

Fall in Love With This Valentine’s Day Decor
Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to add a little pizazz to your space. Whether it's for a party or you just want it to look like a rom-com exploded all over your home, there's no shortage of cute heart-themed decor to get the job done.
How Much Will You Spend On Valentine’s Day?
Here it comes, that holiday in which we celebrate our love, Valentine's Day. You know the routine, flowers, candy, cards, stuffed animals, jewelry, all typical gifts given to our respective significant others. How much will you spend this year...
More Valentines Winners
Day two of our Valentine's giveaway has five winners.  Your winners for Tuesday February 9th are:
Cheryl Copeland- Woodhouse Giftcard
Stephanie Torres- Woodhouse Giftcard
Marcy King- Candy ouquet, Devereux Gardens
Debbie Minjares- Cookie Tray, Kountry Bakery
Norma Lopez- Cookie Tray, Kountry Ba…
Valentine’s Giveaways Start Today
We love our listeners and this week there will be Valentine's giveaways.  The giveaways started today and congrats to this mornings winners:
Stephanie Gauna- Madi Tays
Rob Viv Hinojosa- Snuffers
Jessica Jackson- Kountry Bakery
Kristine Gonzales- Devereux Gardens
Tomorrow we will have a new batc…
Blake Shelton Thinks Valentine’s Day Sucks
Not everyone loves the Hallmark holiday known as Valentine's Day -- especially those who are single and unattached. Even though Blake Shelton is married to one of the most beautiful and most desirable women in country music (Miranda Lambert, of course), you still won't find him cheerleading the holi…
Who Won The Dig Me Out of the Doghouse Contest?
We had so many stories submitted in The Dig Me Out of the Doghouse Contest that we asked for everyone to help us select the best candidate. The Winner is Tara Laging. She won a prize package that will help her stay out of the doghouse this Valentine's Day...

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