Tomorrow will be a rally for Coastal Bend Veterans at 1505 Airline.  The event starts around 1p.m. and located in the parking lot of the Victoria Outpatient Clinic.  Make sure to go out there and support America's troops.  Events like this should be held more than just a few times a year as our troops no matter what branch they are in keep us safe.

The next time you complain about the smallest thing like not enough whip cream in your cup of java, or about anything in general remember that these troops could be behind you hearing you complain and do you know how ridiculous you look to them.  They have risked their lives so you have the freedom to go and get that cup of coffee!

The next time you see a man or woman in uniform just go up and shake their hand,  a simple thank you is always a nice gesture and it goes a long way.  If you truly have the American spirit come out tomorrow for that rally for the veterans.  Bring your kids, lawn chairs, sodas, water, and show your support!