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Crossroads it's time to get your chili on!

We are so excited to announce that the Broke- A** Chili Cook-Off is bringing chili cooking competitions back to the Crossroads, and the best part... this competition is for a great cause!

Bloomington VFW

When the masterminds behind the Broke- A** Chili Competition got together they knew four things; they wanted to help the Bloomington VFW raise money, they wanted to create scholarship opportunities for Crossroads kids, they wanted everyone to feel welcome and they wanted to make it FUN!

As a veteran themselves, they know the importance of the camaraderie local VFW's provide to all those that serve. The Bloomington VFW mission is to be a voice for veterans, currently deployed members of our armed forces, and their families.

A chili competition at Patriot's Park for the entire family seemed a fitting way to help raise money and awareness of the importance of Bloomington's VFW.

There are also two scholarship opportunities for our Crossroads youth to consider as well.

6th to 8th graders can apply for the Patriot's Pen scholarship by writing an essay on, "How to be a Good American" and older students in 9th through 12th can compete for the Voice of Democracy scholarship by writing the answer to "America, Where Do We Go From Here?"

You can get more information for the scholarships by messaging Broke A** Chili on their Facebook page here.

Mark Your Calendars for November 6th

Mark your calendars for November 6th, 2021 for the first Broke- A** Chili Competition which includes over 50 different chili competitors, a cornbread competition, and a fishing tournament for kids.

W/ permission from BAC
W/ permission from BAC

Want to compete? You can enter in four categories; chili, chili with beans, and check this out... wild chili too, or skip the chili and compete for best cornbread! Each category is $40.00 per entry.

Photo credit/Gayle Dar
Photo credit/Gayle Dar

Tickets to try the chili are only $1.00 per tasting! Y'all come out and get your chili on for a great cause!

Click in the blue for more info! PS. October is National Chili Month! So this is the perfect month to practice for the Broke Azz Chili Cookoff! Y'all be looking for my cornbread. I came to compete!


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