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Let's talk chili!

I don't care how hot it is outside, if you live in Texas, you eat chili ALL YEAR LONG.

Well, recently we heard that since we had a mild summer ( I mean only the heat index rose to over 109 degrees so far this season) it's likely we will have a mild winter. Lord, please let this winter be mild!

It's with the start of fall in mind that we await one of our favorite festivals of the year, Czhilispiel! 

Yes, it's Flatonia's big chili festival and it's more fun than a barrel of beans in chili!

We can debate this all day long, but come on... do beans really go in chili?

Okay, let's talk Czhilispiel in Flatonia because it has an AWESOME history!

You can read more about it on the webpage but Czech this out, the Flatonia Czhilispiel started in the 1970's because get this... Flatonia needed a town doctor!

Yep, it was 1973 the same year they were celebrating the centennial anniversary of Flatonia. Czhilispiel began as a fundraiser to help fund a local Flatonia student's medical school education. At the time Flatonia needed a doctor, so the residents organized the Czech heritage festival and chili cook-off, Czhilispiel. The student agreed to serve the community for at least five years after completing medical school but ended up staying longer!

Now almost 50 years later, it's one of the biggest festivals in Texas!

Flatonia Texas 49th Czhilispiel October 22nd through 24th, 2021

If you love Czech heritage, chili and great live music and fun, this is the festival for you! This year's lineup will include about 200 chili competitors, live music from great bands like Rick Trevino, talent contests, car show and parade. You can get tickets here, but not before you answer the big debate above. Do beans go in chili?

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