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Take Our Poll Below: You Are Having Trouble Finding Anything In Particular?

HEB Addresses Supply Chain Issues

We are big supporters of our Texas HEB stores and most Texans agree, HEB always seems to go above and beyond for their employees and their guests. With the latest wave of COVID issues throughout Texas many Texans are wondering if we will see serious supply chain shortages for food in the near future.

HEB says they are in good shape.

H-E-B says they are 'in good shape' despite difficult circumstances offering that this is in large part due to our great procurement teams. Wal-Mart offers that this is a national issue and they will continue to work with supply chains.

The USDA also offers good news.

According to Kens5 in San Antonio, the USDA has also issued a statement saying that " There are no nationwide shortages of food" and that they will continue to work with grocery store chains.

Kens5 covered HEB's and Wal-Marts responses on Youtube which you can watch below.

 What are you having trouble finding at your local stores?

Outside of knowing some friends who have had to wait several months for a new mattress and a few weeks for a new refrigerator, our family hasn't been inconvenienced much by supply chain shortages, well, except for one thing: dog food.

I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time finding the specific brand of wet dog food my four dogs like to eat. And when I do find it on the shelves I feel a little guilty for up buying a few weeks' worths at once!

Take our poll! What if anything are you having a hard time finding lately?

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