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Every year the Crossroads community joins forces with those that served or have served for our freedom by hosting our community's Veterans Day Parade.

This year is the year to show your support by attending too.

Come downtown and share in the community celebration of our veterans.

The parade starts and ends in DeLeon Plaza, with line up for the parade beginning at 8am and the official start of the parade beginning at 10am.

If you want to enjoy the parade in total comfort, you are welcome to  bring chairs, blankets and the whole family to honor those who have served.

Just a reminder that if you have a serviceman or service woman in your family and they need assistance, the Victoria County Veteran Services Office provides assistance to Victoria County citizens who have served in the U. S. Armed Forces and their dependents. One of the coolest things about our community and the VCVS are the weekly events they host exclusively for veterans and veteran families. Be sure to check out their webpage for most information.

Volunteers who want to show their support for the military are always needed.

A friend once told me, "You can fake caring, but you can't fake showing up."

It completely changed the way I prioritize people who are important to me. My father served in the Air Force all of his adult life and even though he is in Colorado, I'll be at the parade tomorrow to show my gratitude.

Coming to the parade tomorrow is a way, you can show up for those that show up for your freedom too.

The Victoria County Veterans Council has put together the full schedule for you as well.

City of Victoria/ TSM
City of Victoria/ TSM


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