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We love this time of year! It's all about Friday night lights and true Texas traditions!

Football, cheerleaders, community, dresses, suits and ties, and mums, lots and lots of mums!

In fact, when it comes to mums in Texas, the bigger the better. And with homecoming right around the corner for the Crossroads, you know Texas mums are going to be featured soon on social media. As a Texan, I can't wait to see what moms, crazier than I am come up with for this homecoming season!

Y'all. If you are not from Texas, you might not understand this MADNESS.

It's the extreme Southern homecoming mum and every year they don't just get bigger they get even more expensive! I mean come on, who in their right mind would spend hundreds of dollars on hot glued ribbons? Well, Texans would of course!


Here are some of the TikTok videos highlighting the real cost of being a Texan going viral! These videos even feature high schoolers from all over various Texas high schools showcasing their elaborate mums and flexing a bit on the price they paid for their mums. Or most likely, what their parents paid for their mum! It will boggle the mind of every Yankee out there, we promise!

The TikTok video is brought to you by @rachel5041.


We'd love to see your mums too! If you want to flex your mum, and we hope you do, you are welcome to visit our station apps and submit a photo! 

Just like this one of STJ student and cheerleader Brynlee Asdahl's mum from Sweet Occasions!

Photo Credit Cassie Angerstein
Photo Credit Cassie Angerstein

WOW RIGHT????? Yep everything IS bigger in Texas!

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