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What is better than a big yellow banana?

Steve Frost
Steve Frost

How about riding in one?

Big Banana Car/Facebook
Big Banana Car/Facebook

Yes Crossroads, the Big Banana Car is back in town! Let's ride!

I was so sad last year when I missed the Big Banana Car but this is my chance to redeem myself and take a ride on the Big Banana Car beginning tomorrow, Friday, January 6th through the weekend.

The Big Banana will be at Tropical Cafe Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend ONLY!

Friday 6th from 11 am until dark

Saturday 7th from 11 am until dark

Sunday 8th from 11 am until dark

And guess what?

This will make you want to go bananas too... the price of the ride is a simple donation of your choice!


If your child normally rides in a car seat or booster, you will NEED TO BRING YOUR CAR SEAT or booster to ride the Big Banana Car too!

We follow the Big Banana Car on Facebook and you can too by clicking here, but we've got to tell you, it wasn't easy getting the Big Banana to Texas from Michigan.

A lot of time and effort was put into traveling down to Texas for the winter!

Check out the second to the last post on the Big Banana Car Facebook page!

The Big Banana Car has been traveling throughout the United States for several years now. Isn't it awesome to think there are folks out there who love to just be whimsical and share that love with each of us?

Go ride the Big Banana Car, you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Check out the Big Banana Car website here but be sure to follow on Facebook too!

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