Everyone loves a great comeback story and there isn't a better comeback story than the one of our neighboring small coastal town of Rockport, Texas.

After being severely crushed by devasting winds and rain from Hurricane Harvey which hit Rockport as a Catagory Four hurricane on August 26, 2017, Harvey cost the small coastal town millions of dollars in recovery expenses by leaving destruction in its wake and many residents homeless. In 2017 the Texas Tribune offered, "A survey released by the Kaiser Family and Episcopal Health foundations found that 62 percent of people in coastal areas hit by Harvey, including Aransas County, suffered damage to their homes, while 27 percent said someone in their household experienced job or income loss. Eight percent of the respondents said they hadn't been able to return home."

Three years later USA Today has ranked Rockport Texas, the #4 Best Small Coastal Town in America. According to Texas Highways, "A panel of travel experts nominated 20 towns for the list; then the newspaper ranked the top 10 based on a vote among readers nationwide."

Congrats to Rockport. Well deserved!

Today USA Today describes Rockport perfectly. "Across the Aransas Bay from Corpus Christi, the streets of Rockport are lined with art galleries – the town claims to have the highest percentage of artists in Texas. The pedestrian-friendly downtown is filled with shops and restaurants, and more often than not, accommodation takes the form of old fashioned motel courts. Windswept oak trees and large swathes of protected coastal wetlands make this section of the Texas Gulf Coast one of the loveliest."

Loveliest in fact to be ranked #4 in the country. Not bad for turning the entire town around in three years!

If you haven't been to Rockport or you're thinking of going back soon, we've got an entire day planned out for you here.

Book an overnight stay at Holiday Inn Express. The rooms were comfortable, clean and the pool was nice. Take Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, you must book a reservation for the pool.

Take along a picnic snack for Rockport Beach. One of the things we love most about Rockport Beach is its 65 picnic sites and the water. You can walk several feet into the water before it gets deep, making it more enjoyable and less worrisome with younger children. There is a small kid's park that features a pirate ship and you can fish in the water. Birds and wildlife are plentiful on the beach making the parking fee $5 daily and $20 yearly well worth the price.

It's a short drive to Rockport's Downtown Shopping District after an afternoon of swimming and frolicking at the beach as Rockport has a plethora of great shops and art studios for you to enjoy. Shops like Bay Window and the Rockport Art Center are good places to start.

We've never had a bad meal anywhere we've dined in Rockport but if we had to pick one restaurant it would have to be Bench Warmers Hu-Dat's. It's a great blend of two incredible restaurants in one. That being said, Moondogs and Paradise Key are also yummy.

We give Rockport 5 stars out of 5 and commend those that helped to make Rockport a great comeback story. 

Check out this great video of Revisionee's Top Ten Beaches. You guessed it! Rockport was ranked Number One!

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