108 Days of Summer
It's another way to win the 108 Days of Summer with KIXS 108!  This summer is packed with fun and family.  Why not scoop your family up for a trip to Galveston to the beautiful Moody Gardens.  Take a journey to new depths at the Aquarium Pyramid, or experience life with exhibits that will take you to new heights!  T...
Memories Last a Lifetime!!
KIXS 108 and Zoom Physical Therapy and Wellness wants you, and your family to cool down this summer by entering the Memories Last a Lifetime contest.  Now through August you could win a pair of Hurricane Alley Waterpark tickets!  Summer may be short, but make memories that will last a lifetime...
‘Vacation’ Red Band Trailer: Ed Helms Takes His Family on a NSFW Road Trip
The new Vacation may bear the same name as the old Vacation, but it’s actually a sequel, taking place a few decades after the first ill-fated Griswold family trip to Walley World. The first trailer for this new version has arrived and while it has the same title and premise as its predecessor, it bends over backwards to let you know that Ed Helms is the same Rusty Griswold from 32 years ago, all grown up. Can we call this a rebootquel?
I Feel Lucky with Victoria Regional Airport
The luck of the Irish??  Are you ready to get away? Where would you go if you could fly at a great rate? Maybe a trip to where its sunny all the time, or just a place to have a fun weekend, romantic getaway, or yes maybe even a quick business trip...
Better Business Bureau: Top 5 Summer Scams
Summer is a great time to take that long-overdue vacation, or make much-needed home repairs. But, as the weather heats up, so do scams. Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin is warning consumers about some of the top summer scams.
A Surprise Retirement Party
My parents retired this year and it just makes me realize I'm getting older.  I now have to make sure my home is clean due to them stopping in without notice.  I'm kidding, they would call.  They would have to, they live in Ohio.  My sister and I thought it would be a great idea to throw them a surprise retirement party...
Taylor Swift Shares Pictures of Her Vacation at the Beach
All things being equal, it doesn’t seem terribly likely that any of us will end up frolicking on in the surf with Taylor Swift anytime soon. Fortunately for anyone who’d like to have the chance, Taylor has been kind enough to share a few photos from her recent beach vacation.
It’s Summertime!
In case you didn’t know from the 100 degree temperatures, it’s Summer time!! For me that means all 3 of my children are at home, for the most part, 24 hours a day. This can be good and bad. Some of the things I love about Summer include staying in bed until after 8 a.m. Granted, I usually don’t sleep past 6:30, but I do get to lie in bed and snuggle with my babies and try to catch an extra 10 min

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