Hurricane Harvey

Congratulations to our Hurricane Harvey Local Heroes
It was one year ago when Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the crossroads. A lot of people suffered greatly as a result of the storm, and a lot of area residents including first responders stepped up and became local heroes by contributing to the area's recovery
Disaster Relief Center Opens in Victoria
The Disaster Relief Center Closed recently in Victoria leaving people wondering where they should go and how to get help recovering from Hurricane Harvey but, now a new Disaster relief Center is open.
According to an official press release, the disaster recovery centers offer in-person support to ind…
The Spirit of Victoria
Victoria has been through so much since Hurricane Harvey. It has been amazing how our community has come together and helped each other. Still there are so many people hurting and needing assistance. It’s heartbreaking to hear how so many people need basic items...
Pictures of Hope
With so many horrific images emerging in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, photographer Clarice Brito-Ferreira hopes her pictures will inspire hope and positivity.

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