With so many horrific images emerging in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a Houston photographer is hoping her pictures will inspire hope and positivity as Texas begins the recovery process.

In the midst of so much disaster and bad news after bad news, we allowed the kids to have a little fun in the rain. The beautiful thing about little ones is that their spirits can NOT and WILL NOT be broken. We will rebuild, these are the children we grow in Houston! We are ok! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE WE MUST PROMOTE HOPE AND POSITIVITY

Corresponding via Facebook Messenger, Ferreira told us, "All I wanted was to have the kids out of the house, until my son ran out of the garage screaming with the flag. That's when I shot it and realized it had so much behind it."

When we said we hoped sharing her photos might help life people's spirits, Ferreira wrote, "Amen! That's what I intend to do as well. We need it."


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