As I scrolled through my social feed, I can across this heartwarming story out of the Corpus Christi area. According to the video posted by KRIS 6 News in Corpus Christ.

Petty Officer Candace Dickson from the US Navy surprised her two sons before their Homecoming game in Flour Bluff. Her boys were legitimately surprised on the sideline before the game. See the heartwarming video below. 

We learn in the YouTube video that Candace was recently deployed to Bahrain for three years, which is more than 8,000 miles away from Flour Bluff High School. It took three months of planning, but she pulled off the ultimate surprise. No matter how old you are, after not seeing your mom for a while, you turn into a little boy.  Not only were her sons,  Johnny and Cameran surprised. She also surprised their cousins as well.

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The boys did know that family was coming down for the Homecoming game against Veterans Memorial. However, they had no clue about their mom coming.  She actually reached out to the kids saying that she was on a special mission and would not be able to talk to them for 30-45 days. Setting the stage for the surprise of a lifetime.



Candace hopes to be back when Johnny and Carlos graduate next spring. Johnny has his eyes on playing football at Virginia Tech. He says that he has relatives nearby that he can turn to if he needs until his mom returns home for good.


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