There is a post recently on our Kixs108 Facebook page posted from feel good page, The Dad that made me laugh out loud, but it also gave me pause immediately afterwards.

The post reads " I used to look at pro athletes and think, 'Wow, I could never do what they do. Now I think that about nurses and grocery store cashiers.'

Wow. It really makes you think. What about our communities teachers? They've been working night and day to get our students ready for distance learning. Have you heard that V.I.S.D. staff and volunteers are putting meals together twice a day for EVERY child in our community ages 1 to 18? What about the friendly customer service you received in a fast food line recently?

Do you know a "front-line" worker in our community that you'd like to publicly recognize? We want to hear from you! This is such an amazing reminder to be grateful and especially kind to the people around you, even if the people around you are six feet away!

Please take the time to recognize the front line workers by posting their names or photos or photos and names on our Facebook page but the best recognition you can give them is in the moment with a smile, a tip of your hat or just say THANK YOU!

From all of us at KIXS108, thank you to all our front line workers! We tip our hats to all of you!

We are truly all in this together. 

Here is a wonderful video from Welland Jackfish tipping their hats to front line workers!

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