It's amazing to think of all the different positions a person can take when joining the military.  Some go the easy route of being a cook while others go for the toughest and most dangerous ones.  I'm talking about the bomb patrol.  I can't even imagine what they go through and all the training it took for one of those elite members to get where they are today.  When everyone else is running away from the problem they go right to it. 

Luckily it is 2011 and we now have been using robots for different objectives in the military.  They have robots that can actually carry or drag a wounded soldier to safety.  Robots that shoot at the enemy and even robots that watch out for bombs, traps, and ieds.  It is extremely dangerous but somebody has to do it and now you can learn about what it takes to be on this elite task force and see what they go through on a daily routine or patrol. 

G4 is responsible for some of the manliest shows out there and they certainly know how to keep people entertained.  Starting next Tuesday at 9 p.m. there will be a new show called "Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan".  I was surprised to notice some of the robots used are actually controlled by a video game controller!  To learn more about the show click here