These robots have came a long way since R2D2, C3PO, Robbie the robot, Robo Cop, The Terminator, Rosie the maid, Wall-E, and of course one of my favorites, the Fembots from Austin Powers!

If these human like robots are for real, I totally want one that looks like the ones in Austin Powers.  That would be pretty awesome.  It will be funny, interesting, and shocking to see how these human like robots are put to use.  Of course you have the creepers, not going to mention anything about that.  Then of course you have the guys who take apart anything and improve it.  Like the people that improved the Kinect for the Xbox and found different uses for it. 

The times are here people.  The movie "I Robot"

 with Will Smith doesn't really seem to far out there anymore.  Or an actual Terminator.  Scary having a bunch of Arnolds running around.  Check out just how far technology has came, this video portrays one from Japan.