It's always a pleasure when Joe Anthony gets on the line with us as his enthusiasm is contagious and he certainly has great things to say about Hair Dimensions newest line of hair care and repair, Wellness Premium Products.

Wellness Premium Products, from Israel, are derived from cold pressed hemp seed working to repair your hair from the inside out. Their products are organic, gluten and sodium chloride free and available only at Hair Dimensions. Perfect for over processed or thinning hair.

Hair Dimensions, located at 8613 N Navarro St. offers state of the art products and leading edge stylists. Hair Dimensions is known throughout the Crossroads as Victoria's premier salon.

Joe Anthony, Hair Dimensions owner, has traveled the globe to offer the latest advances in hair wellness and style. You can even see some of his trade show center stage styles online as well as book an appointment on the Hair Dimension's Facebook page.

Want to know more about Wellness Premium? Here is an educational video featuring Joe Anthony here.

Give the stylists at Hair Dimensions a call at (361) 575-8802.

Hair Dimensions is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

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