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This week, on Thursday and Friday, we will give away TWO AWESOME Wellness Premium Hair Care sets exclusively from Hair Dimensions. It's a gift from Joe Anthony and family at Hair Dimensions just for being a KIXS 108 listener! And we are here to tell you Joe Anthony has found liquid gold in these cold press hemp hair care products from Isreal.

Wellness Premium Products are derived from cold-pressed hemp seed working to repair your hair from the inside out. Their products are organic, gluten and sodium chloride free and available only at Hair Dimensions!


Cold press hemp seed is known for its organic benefits that include strengthening hair filaments, stimulates scalp microcirculation, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss as well as replenishing the luster of your hair.

And IT SMELLS AMAZING too! Seriously, it is the BEST smelling hair care products EVER. We had to take the bottle away from Ingra Lee! She LOVES the smell of Wellness Premium products! 

Hair Dimensions, located at 8613 N Navarro St. offers state of the art products and leading-edge stylists, and known throughout the Crossroads as Victoria's premier salon. In part because Joe Anthony has traveled the world and strives to always offer the latest advances in hair wellness and style. You can even see some of his trade show center stage styles online as well as book an appointment on the Hair Dimension's Facebook page here.

But don't just take our word for it, call for an appointment today! (361) 575-8802.

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