P&H Tires does so much more than "just" tires. In fact, P&H Tires does it all! 

From tires to tune-ups, P&H Tires is your vehicle go- to and now due to OVERWHELMING CUSTOMER REQUEST, they are pleased to announce they are OPEN ON SATURDAYS now too!

That's right! P&H Tires is now open on Saturdays from 7:30 am until 3 pm. No appointments are needed. 

Sure, they can get you any tire you want and have brand name tires in stock always but they also specialize in auto repair. Some of their services include oil changes, brake jobs, tune-ups, basically anything your vehicle needs, INCLUDING air conditioning. 

Any the best part? Most jobs are the same day service!

Did you know they post excellent articles each month in the 'NEWS' section of their website, information you can really use like 'What to do after an accident' and 'How to tell if you need a wheel alignment'?


You'll also find on their website here, a list of rebates for various tires AND a Goodyear credit application if you need to put these services on credit. If you are low on cash, you can even put an oil change on your Goodyear Credit Card. 

P&H really does it all and they do it for you- their valued customers. They even opened an additional weekday from your feedback! This is just one of the reasons why P&H is Victoria's Go-To for all their vehicle needs. So much more than tires at P&H Tire!

Call for an appointment today at 361-575-6387 or top by the shop at 301 E Crestwood. They will fix you up FAST!

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