Hair Dimensions is a leader in the industry for innovative hair design and hair care in Victoria.

Not only are they Open for Business, but they offer the latest MUST HAVE hair product, Wellness Premium Products.

In the last few weeks, Hair Dimensions has offered some super samples of Wellness Premium Products which include cold press hemp from Isreal, as prizes for one of our Town Square Media stations and they went FAST!

The lucky listeners that won these super samples had a hard time choosing between the Wellness Premium products Hair Dimensions we offered them!

In part because they SMELL amazing and of course, because Wellness Premium Products WORK.

Decisions, decisions!

They are PERFECT for transitioning your hair from dull summer dryness to fall fabulousness! 

In fact, according to Joe Anthony, owner of Hair Dimensions he offers that Wellness Premium is so incredible for hair strengthening and hair regrowth that he became a major distributor of the product.

"You know we have just the two seasons in Texas," Joe Anthony teases, " Summer, summer, summer, and Christmas. During the summer our hair loses its natural moisture, and unfortunately its the same for our hair in Texas winters. Your hair becomes more brittle as we lose moisture in the air."

Joe Anthony offers that his line of Wellness Premium products work so incredibly fast that you can actually feel the difference while your hair is still wet.

" Some of the Wellness Premium products offer microcapsules inside of the hair care product. These microcapsules are infused with the cold-pressed hemp seed which corrects the damage from sun and dryness in any season." Joe Anthony offers.

It's time to get our hair taken care of before we get to winter!

Book an appointment at Hair Dimensions today at 361. 575.8802 or go see Joe Anthony at 8613 North Navarro to see these Wellness Premium Products for yourself.

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