When we want to know what's new in hair and hair care in Victoria we turn to Joe Anthony of Hair Dimensions! You'll never guess what's 'In" for 2021 Crossroads!

Wait till you hear what Joe says is in this new year. 

Lately, Joe Anthony has been raving about new hair care products from Isreal called Wellness Premium. Most of their hair care products are sourced from cold-pressed hemp seed, which has been known throughout HISTORY for not only improving the quality of hair but helping with hair loss and hair fullness as well.

Photo Ingra Lee
Photo Ingra Lee

Plus, these products SMELL AMAZING! OMG!!!!

"Wellness Premium Products, from Israel, are derived from cold-pressed hemp seed working to repair your hair from the inside out. Their products are organic, gluten and sodium chloride free and available only at Hair Dimensions. Perfect for over-processed or thinning hair," Joe offers.

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Premium Wellness is fantastic!  We should know, Joe Anthony will bring product packs to the station for giveaways and gifts and we all LOVE WELLNESS PREMIUM! Need more proof? Listen to win them and see for yourself! Or stop by Hair Dimensions and get ya some!

Now, when it comes to trending hair for 2021?

Joe says LONG HAIR is in for 2021!

And guess what? Bangs are back in too!

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Are you ready for a whole new look in 2021?!?!

Hair Dimensions is your Go-To for the NEW YEAR- NEW YOU!!!

Give the stylists at Hair Dimensions a call at (361) 575-8802.

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