White Trash Services is not only "Open for Business" but they've expanded to Lamar County and Holiday Beach and now offering special pricing for BUILDERS in the Crossroads too!

Not satisfied with conventional trash services a few short years ago, the Nelsons, owners, and operators of White Trash Services, saw a need for rural trash service and from that need, the seed for their business was planted. Just a few years later and they are the go-to rural trash service in the Crossroads!

But they also offer convenient packages for builders in the area with roll-outs specially used for large projects such as new construction and demolition, with the convenience of add on Port A Potties. That's right, you can now rent roll-offs and Port A Potties all with one phone call.

Most of the orders for both can be turned around in 24 to 48 hours- yep, that fast!

Customer service has always been key for the Nelsons who grew their business, White Trash Services quickly in just a few short years, offering, "Do more for your customers than they expect so at the end of the day they can’t help but share their experiences with others," they advise new business owners in a recent interview.

Expanding their business again, they now offer trash service in Lamar and Holiday Beach.

There is no stopping White Trash Services now that they are rolling, especially with their roll-offs!

Photo courtesy of WTS
Photo courtesy of WTS

Best of all, you never call a computer, the Nelsons and their team are ALWAYS available to speak to you directly. Call White Trash Service for all your trash, and roll off needs. To find out more about how White Trash Services can help you, visit their website here. Or you can call them at 550.1826.

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