That's right, not only is P&H Tire Co. Open for Business they even work on air conditioning. P&H Tire is so much more than tires!

For those of us in the know, P&H Tire is the Crossroads go-to for tires AND auto repair. P&H Tire Company, located at 301 Crestwood, next to the Aero Crafters, offers so much more than tires, in fact they specialize in oil changes, brake jobs, tune-ups,  anything your vehicle needs, INCLUDING air conditioning. 

With heat advisories in the triple digits, this is no time to have your air conditioner running low on freon, or petering out altogether. P&H Tire technicians are educated and experienced with air conditioning repair and maintenance. In fact, P&H Tire Co is family owned having operated in Victoria for over 25 years.

Speaking of heat and tires, this is a good time to get your tires checked too. Did you know as tires age, the heat of direct sunlight and friction with the road can bake out these natural oils and cause the rubber to become brittle? Brittle rubber can crack, split or leak. This condition is called "heat rot or weather rot" and is one of the reasons your tires have a date code on the side.

Right now P&H Tire is offering a $10.00 off coupon on their website here for ANY SERVICE your car needs. Need an oil change? Their synthetic oil change is $39.99

Most jobs are the same day service!

To schedule an appointment for your vehicle please call 361 575-6387 or message them on their Facebook page. You can also visit their website at

Most jobs are the same day service! 

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