Bethany Senior Living is not only 'Open for Business' but they are accepting new residents AND they now have an entire isolated unit dedicated to incoming COVID patients in order to help support South Texas medical needs.

We visited with Stephanie Ross, External Marketer at Bethany Senior Living this morning on our Open For Business segment, and here is what she had to say about accepting new residents in today's climate as well as accepting COVID patients too.

"With everything going on in the country, we saw a need in our community and wanted to help. We decided to open a COVID Unit to relieve the local hospitals and nursing homes aid in treating the patient until they are able to go back home or back to their original nursing home." Stephanie continues, " We have our skilled nursing facility for long and short-term care where we are accepting residents. It is completely separated from the COVID Unit so we are keeping our residents safe."

One of the things we love most about Bethany Senior Living is the effort they make to assure the residents feel safe and love during this unprecedented time!

Stephanie offers, "Our staff is working ‘round the clock to take care of every resident. We are still doing window visits where families can bring a chair and sit right outside to visit with their loved ones. Our helpful staff assists residents who, if they don’t have a phone we provide one, if they do, we help them so they can visit with their family."

Stephanie leaves us with this thought. "We strive every day to help every resident with his or her needs as well as the needs of their families. We also want to help our community any way we can."

For more information call Bethany Senior Living at 361-551-0500 or visit their website at or you can visit their Facebook page here as well.

Thank you, Stephanie and ALL of the staff at Bethany Senior Living for giving their ALL to our senior community.

If you'd like your business featured in our OPEN FOR BUSINESS segment on the JP and Ingra Lee Morning Show just reach out to us at 361. 573.0108.

Here are other Open For Business participants.

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