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Bomb threats in Port Lavaca kept the Port Lavaca police department busy yesterday.

Bomb threats are serious and law enforcement never takes chances. All threats are assumed to be real until proven to be a hoax, as was the case yesterday when a local Port Lavaca business, Tractor Supply Co. was evacuated after two bomb threats were called into the business, later determined to be a hoax.

According to the United States Bomb Data Center in 2019, " Texas, California, Florida, Pennslyvania, and Arizona had the most reported bomb threats in the US. with 88% of the threats fake devices."

Who made the hoax call?

If you think the threat was made by bored kids at home for the summertime, you would be wrong. Unfortunately, the caller has not been identified at this time, however, the investigation is ongoing but according to the Victoria Advocate, "An inmate in a South Carolina federal prison called in two bomb threats to a business in Port Lavaca Tuesday afternoon," Port Lavaca Police Chief Colin Rangnow said.

But that isn't all officers had to say about the incident.

On the Facebook page, Port Lavaca Listens, Johnny Krause, Chief Deputy of the Calhoun County Sheriff's office took a few minutes to add information and thoughts as opinions and comments later surfaced on social media pages such as Facebook after the incident about the inconvenience of having to be evacuated only to discover the threat was a hoax.

Here is his response to those comments.

Port Lavaca Listens
Port Lavaca Listens
Krause also clarified misinformation by offering,
"The Port Lavaca Police Department received a blocked call from an anonymous subject stating he was going to shoot anyone and everyone in the Port Lavaca TSC and then detonate a bomb. They indicated the threat was a real-time threat. Approximately 15 officers from PLPD, CCSO, and other agencies responded to TSC immediately, including the police chief, the Sheriff, all PLPD and CCSO admin and other officers, investigators and detectives."
At that time staff and all occupants of the strip center where TSC is located which includes a child care facility we evacuated and officers secured the area.
"Officers then entered and cleared the building, not knowing who or what might be waiting for them inside." CD Krause offered the following with "After the threat was eliminated, a phone ping determined that the call was made from a correctional facility in South Carolina. Krause says. He lastly thanks citizens for their support.

No one was hurt in the incident.

We too are thankful no one was harmed, that law enforcement was able to stabilize the situation, and hope the caller is identified soon.



Based off of 2020 Data

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