Waking Up to a Disaster

Disaster after disaster one Crossroads mom has been hit with hard times back to back. Mother to an 11-month-old, Shelbi Villarreal of Port Lavaca recently got guardianship of both her sisters, ages 7 and 10.

Shelbi Villarreal

One morning, as Shelbi was taking the girls to school, woke she headed outside to find her car missing. At first, she went back inside and checked if her boyfriend had moved the car. Unfortunately, he had not and that is when they realized her car had been stolen overnight.

The Stolen Car Was Spotted

After calling the police and filing a report, Shelbi took to social media and asked people to be on the lookout for her stolen car. She posted a photo of it along with the license plate. Soon after she got a hit, "The next morning I had two people reach out to me, and they spotted my car. Two different areas in Victoria, one was around Silver City and the other place was going towards Edna."

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Car Chase Ensued

Shelbi immediately called the police to give them the update. Not long after the police found the car roaming around in Edna. They turn on the lights and attempt to pull him over. Shebli recalls, "They try and pull him over and he decides to go ahead and run and do an hour pursuit from Jackson County through Point Comfort and then through Port Lavaca, they spiked my car."

Somethings Could Not Be Recovered

The car pursuit came to a stop in Port Lavaca but there was damage that could not be undone. "When they spiked it he crashed into the bay in Port Lavaca, totaling my car," Shelbi had been left with no car. However, there was something more important than the physical car. She went to get her belonging after everything was said and done only to find a dire item missing. "I was really hoping my little sister's wheelchair was in there because I had packed it in there for school that morning."

Shelbi Villarreal

Special Wheelchair Missing

Her 7-year-old sister Emily has spinal Bifida which has her wheelchair-bound. She has to use a special wheelchair to get around. Looking in the trunk of the car and finding no wheelchair was a hard blow. "We were devastated. Right now she's using a temporary wheelchair from school. It's a little small for here but we'll make it work."

Shelbi Villarreal

New Chair and Ramp Needed

Shelbi and her family are grateful for the temporary wheelchair, but it is a bit too small for her sister. Right now they are working with insurance for a replacement. Aside from having no permanent wheelchair, Shelbi's home does not have a ramp. She has to carry her 7-year-old sister on her back every time she transports her to and from the home. Thankfully after coming across Shelbi's story we were able to connect with some amazing people who are going to donate their time and money to get Shelbi a brand new ramp built for her sister at their home.

Donate To Help

They also have a Gofundme page set up to help with wheelchair costs and help Shelbi get back on the road. Having three children she is responsible for is hard, but taking care of three children with no car is incredibly difficult. Click HERE to find out more and donate to their Gofundme page, any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

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