White Trash Services is not only "Open for Business" but expanding as well.

Not satisfied with conventional trash services a few short years ago, the Nelsons, owners, and operators of White Trash Services, saw a need for rural trash service and from that need, the seed for their business was planted. The growth of their business is especially remarkable when you consider that even with the recent pandemic, their business continues to thrive.

" We started with two trucks and two notebooks." BJ Nelson offers humbly. 'These weren't computer notebooks either," she clarifies later, making us laugh.

With humble beginnings in mind, we asked BJ if she would consider offering her advice to someone who might want to open their own business in Victoria.

What were some things they should consider?

BJ happily obliged.

"First and foremost, work like it ALL depends on YOU because it does, and PRAY like it all depends on God because it does." BJ continues, " Understand, when you are the owner of a business, there is no turning it off. It's not like when someone is paying you to work and at 5 pm you can turn it off. We never stop thinking about it or talking about it. If you're passionate about your business, it becomes a part of you. This business, our business, White Trash Services, this is our family, our life," she offers in total earnest. " We want to serve others," she mentions. "I think that's a big part of our success as well. We wanted to serve. True leaders are the ultimate servers," Bj continues. "The more I read on leadership it all parlays on servitude."

“Underpromise and overdeliver." Do more for your customers than they expect so at the end of the day they can’t help but share their experiences with others". she advises lastly.

Already serving several counties including Victoria, White Trash Services has expanded to Holiday Beach and Lamar. Kennedy is on the radar now too! " Stay tuned!" BJ offers with a smile!

Sure, now there is a fleet of trucks and several cherished employees, but the Nelsons still answer their phones directly and their hearts are still set on service.

To find out more about how White Trash Services can help you, visit their website here. Or you can call them at 550.1826.

White Trash Services is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

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