As development continues along the Loop 463 corridor, we learn that two new businesses are coming to Victoria.  The developer of Victoria Town Center, the new shopping center adjacent to Home Depot, has announced its first two tenants. The Boot Barn and Burlington Coat Factory will be moving in to the new Victoria Town Center. The Boot Barn is slated to open by the end of this year. Burlington Coat Factory will open up early next year(2023). I personally believe the next development boom will be along the feeder roads of 463.

According to a civic alert from the City of Victoria, Property Commerce is actively negotiating with multiple retailers that are interested in the shopping center, said Property Commerce broker Clay Trozzo. Trozzo declined to name any prospective tenants due to the potential negative impact on negotiations. Will this also be the location of the Freddy's that is coming to Victoria? That would be awesome!

You may have recently noticed a ramp relocation on Loop 463 near the Home Depot. This was to provide access to the future shopping center.

Large retailers like Boot Barn and Burlington Coat Factory can serve as “anchors” that make a shopping center more attractive to other tenants, Economic Development Director Danielle Williams said.

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There are many new businesses opening soon in Victoria, most of them food establishments.  The five fast food places across from Lowe's, Ventura's second location, Lavaca BBQ, and the new Speedy Stop on Houston Highway.  We can't wait to see the growth that will be coming to our area in the near future.

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