Simple Question.  Every guy or girl knows someone of the opposite sex and it's interesting how different people view that person.  Is he or she a friend, a true friend, and do you or have you thought of becoming something more.  While the woman thinks her guy friend is just a nice guy and a good friend, the guy secretly has feelings for her.

Take the band Sugarland for example.  Can you really say that  Kristian Busch has never thought about being more than friends with her band mate Jennifer Nettles?  Honestly?  Am I the only one that has noticed the way they look at each other while on stage or a video?   Or Thompson Square, maybe they started out as friends and realized, hey we have a connection!  Let's get married! lol.  Why not try to date a friend?  You already get along and know a lot about each other, and chances are very high that one person of the party already wants something more.

It's funny to see the reaction between men and women in this video.  All the women say friends is definitely possible.  While all the men say absolutely not!  Then when asking the women if they think that their guy friends could possibly like them more than a friend, all the women said probably!

So whats the deal ladies????  Do you befriend a man knowing that he is thinking of something more?  It could range from friends with benefits, to try out a relationship and see where it goes, get to know the man as a friend then consider a relationship.  UGH women!!!!  So confusing all the time.  How about some input ladies!  Check out this video for a better explanation.