What do you do when everyone wants to hear you finally respond to the most famous slap in human history? Go on tour!  Despite selling out his first show in Boston after Will Smith slapped him at the Oscars, comedian Chris Rock said he was "still processing" the moment and would speak on it later.  Could the comedian's "Ego Death Tour" finally bring the world some closure? I don't know. Some entertainment news outlets say Rock now wants to be paid to take part in a tell-all interview.  Well, no matter what happens, Chris Rock is still a very funny guy.  I had a couple times in my radio career to interview the comedian. He was always cordial and I don't really think he has a mean-spirited bone in his body. I think he is lover of classic comedy, grew up on roasts and old school comedians who always went for the funny in any situation. That's what he does. And That's why his comedy specials have been iconic.  In fact, his 1996 special "Bring The Pain," could possibly the best standup special ever.  That's my opinion though.  Now, with his new tour, he only has three Texas gigs lined up.  On November 3rd, he'll be in Irving Texas at the Pavilion.  Then, it's off to Houston (or at least nearby) at Sugarland's Smart Financial Center on November 5th.  And finally, the comedian closes out his Texas trip in San Antonio at the Majestic Theatre on November 10th. My suggestion is get you tickets now.  It'll be 9 months after the slap and Rock will be ready to roll!

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