Here’s Your Weekend Crossroads Live Music Calendar
It may be Friday the 13th, but if you're looking for live music this weekend, there's plenty of good luck. Here's what's on the schedule from our friends at Victoria Area Music Association.
Friday, September 13
• 6:30pm Zachary Grant @ KB's BBQ (Victoria)
• 7:00pm Matt Kersh @ The Bomb Diggity (Victori…
Where’s the Live Music this Weekend?
The weekend is here at last. Time to cut loose and enjoy some live music at your favorite watering hole. Thanks to the Victoria Area Music Assiciation and their hard work supporting and promoting live music in the Crossroads, we are able to share the weekend schedule with you...
Here’s Your Weekend Live Music Schedule
Labor Day weekend, baby! Kind of the last weekend of summer, even though fall doesn't officially begin until September 23rd. If you're looking for livemusic, you'll find it all over the Crossroads. The highlight of the weekend is the Flip Flop Festival in Port Lavaca with Bag of Donut…
Here’s Your Weekend Live Music Calendar
Got any weekend plans? If you're looking for some live music, I know just the place. In fact, I know lots of places around the Crossroads to enjoy all kinds of music. Check it out:
Friday, August 16
• 4:30pm Summer Sunset Concert Series featuring Rick Evans @ Rusty Hook Winery (Long Mott)
• 6:00pm Have…
Here’s Your Weekend Live Music Calendar
At last another weekend is here. Time to blow off some steam, hit the dance floor, have a cold one and take in some live music. There's no shortage of places to go to find some music to enjoy. Here's what's on the schedule courtesy of the Victoria Area Music Association...
Heather Victorino in the Mac Haik Performance Center 7/25
Heather Victorino is country music’s new sweetheart! Heather is a powerhouse country singer and songwriter from a small town in virginia. Her voice and range are incredible and her energy on stage is amazing to watch. She has a way of captivating her audience with her voice and makes…
Here’s Your Weekend Live Music Calendar
Yes Virginia, there's plenty of live music to enjoy in the Crossroads this weekend. Here's a look at the calendar courtesy of our friends at the Victoria Area Misic Association.
Friday, July 26
• 6:00pm Zachary Grant Music @ San Ducerro Vineyards (Yoakum)
• 6:00pm Jade Marie Patek @…

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