Spruce it up this Spring!!
Days Gone Bye wants to help you spruce it up this spring in the Spring Fever Showcase. There's nothing like doing a little spring cleaning, and Days Gone Bye has what you need to spruce up your wardrobe and your home!  Everything from beautiful home décor, ladies flax line…
Facebook Funny Foto of the Week
Every once in a while, I come across a photo on Facebook that makes me smile. I found one of those today. Ladies, please don't take offense...it's all in good taste (so to speak). And men: see if you don't agree with the sentiment expressed in this photo!
I can't stay up late enough these days to watch Nightline on ABC. Well, to be honest, I never watched it very often when I could stay up that late. But I saw this story online, and it looked interesting. Not because I fancy myself the type of guy they're looking for (besides, I signed a "non-co…
Is Chivalry Dead?
Dictionary.com defines "gentleman" as:
1. a man of good family, breeding, or social position.
2. (used as a polite term) a man: Do you know that gentleman over there?
3. gentlemen, (used as a form of address): Gentlemen, please come this way.
4. a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-manner…
National ‘Wear Red’ Day
Friday, February 7th has been designated as "National Wear Red Day," when Texans (and Americans nationwide) will take women's health to heart, by wearing the color red. This national movement will be joined by members of the local Decora Study Club to encourage women to be awa…
Earl Pitts 12/12/13: Men Don’t Know Prices
Guys, I think you'll agree with Earl on this one: women tend to be MUCH more aware of prices on things than men. Ladies know what an item sold for last week, last month, and probably last year! And they also know what the "sale" price is. Us guys? Most of us couldn't care…
Almost Impossible Trivia For 11/13/13
Congratulations to Brenda Zantjer of Edna! She knew the answer to today’s Almost Impossible Trivia Question, and won a couple of yummy Jack In The Box Tacos!
Q:  Men are three times as likely to commit this driving infraction as women are - name the driving infraction!
Earl Pitts 11/4/13: Spouse Left Behind
Earl recounts a story he read recently about a new groom who drove off and accidentally left his bride five hours behind him at a gas station, only to return to her, and find her cheerfully awaiting their reunion. Mr. Pitts doesn't buy all of the happiness, because if he left Pearl behind like …

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