I can't stay up late enough these days to watch Nightline on ABC. Well, to be honest, I never watched it very often when I could stay up that late. But I saw this story online, and it looked interesting. Not because I fancy myself the type of guy they're looking for (besides, I signed a "non-compete" with my wife, Sweetie), but because I'm always fascinated by stories with a different "twist" on the way things have been done before. So, when I saw this story about a company that hires out "gentlemen" to ladies for two hours at a time (with no hanky-panky involved), I thought it was blog-worthy.From a post by Paula Faris and Erin Brady at abcnews.go.com:

Marina has it all. She has the job, she has the looks, and, depending on her mood, she has her choice of Frankie the acrobatic dancer, Harrison the revolutionary or Eric the actor.


Marina is using a service called Rent-A-Gent. Starting at $200 an hour, users can pick from a list of handsome, intelligent men listed on the service’s website to be their companion and either book online or call to reserve a “gent.” The men can serve as a date to an event, cook meals or even repair a sink.


But what they are not allowed to do is hook-up -- no kissing, and definitely no sex, while on the job


You can read the rest of the story (with an accompanying video report) by clicking the link below. Meanwhile, I'd better see what Sweetie has on her "honey-do" list for me over the holiday weekend.

(via Man on Demand: Rent-A-Gent Allows Women to Hire Hunks for Dates, Chores - ABC News.)