We're fortunate to live in a pretty safe city, where a person can feel pretty comfortable going about their business. Don't get me wrong, as lucky as we are, we do still have our share of crime. Women can be especially vulnerable, and that's why the Victoria Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit is offering free self-defense classes for women.

Made possible through the department's community partner Oilfield Wholesale Industries, the classes use the Rape Aggression Defense system of self defense, and will be taught by certified R.A.D. instructors.

Designed to teach self-awareness, reduction, recognition, and avoidance, these classes will teach defense against most common strikes, methods of disabling your attacker, situational awareness, and how to prevent attacks.

These classes, which run June 29th through July 1st, will be 3-4, 3 hour classes, the first class is hosted by Wilkinson Pre-owned Supercenter at 6702 N. Navarro.

Spece is limited, so reserve your spot now by calling the VPD Crime Prevention Unit at 361-485-3808.



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