Victoria Parks and Recreation has announced that Victoria Parks and Recreation has hired a consultant, Half and Associates, in the interest of finalizing a Parks Master Plan for the renovation and redevelopment of our city parks and the entire community is invited to add their input and suggestions into the plan. 

I will never forget meeting Victoria City Manager, Jesus Garza, who had recently taken his position, offering during an interview about his 90 Day Plan of Action, "You can always tell where a city's priorities are by their budget...Parks is not a priority."

It saddened me to note that in Victoria we have several incredible parks but hadn't allotted funds to maintain and improve them. Did you know that the Disc Golf Course is revered in the disc golf community throughout the world as a destination disc golf course? Exactly. Our parks are gems to out of towners, we just need to remember it ourselves.

But this is something that is about to change in a BIG WAY.

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According to Crossroads Today, Jason Alfaro, Director of Victoria Parks and Recreation offers, “We’ll have more community input through "Riverside Park Conception Rendering" and we will say, What would you like to see in Riverside Park? How can we program this park out and so we’ll look at Riverside Park as a whole? Then specifically go down into let’s say four different areas of the park."

Our input will be a critical piece in our park puzzle for Half and Associates.

"We hope that you’ll share your ideas with us as the master planning process begins. In the meantime, we invite you to bring your feedback on all things Parks & Recreation to the Parks Commission, an advisory board that meets at 5 p.m. the second Monday of every month at the City Council chambers. You can also reach out to Parks & Recreation by visiting our webpage or contacting us through our Facebook page." Jason Alfar offers.

We actually asked our listeners back in May what they felt the Parks in Victoria Needed Next. You can read that article and the overwhelming responses below.

The NUMBER ONE suggestion at that time was... A DOG PARK

Be sure to be a part of the Victoria Parks Concert Rendering by contacting Victoria Parks and Recreation for more information. Together we MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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