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Victoria Parks and Recreation's latest master plan includes a dog park.

We are all howling here at the Townsquare Media studios reading the latest City of Victoria civic alert, which you can read in its entirety here, as we cross our fingers and bark at the moon hoping the latest master plan from Victoria Parks and Recreation comes into fruition soon. Among other great plans for the future of our parks, one of our great parks will likely feature a dog park!

Our dogs are so THERE!

Almost everyone here at TSM has a pet and around here we are BIG fans of dogs. In fact, just between JP and Ingra Lee of the JP and Ingra Lee Morning Show, they have seven dogs between them. They've been huge supporters of the growth of Victoria Parks and Recreation and huge supporters of a much-needed and frequently requested dog park. In fact, just last year they asked Victorians what they felt the parks in Victoria needed most. Can you guess what the number one answer was? Well, read the article below to find out what Victorians had to say.

What else do the newest Parks and Rec Master Plan include?

The newest draft of the Parks & Recreation master plan also includes; "More trail connectivity, better upkeep of facilities and other improvements that could encourage residents to go out and enjoy Victoria’s parks."

Where can we see the master plan in detail?

The proposed master plan will be on display during an open house 5-7 p.m. Oct. 21 at the Community Center dome, 2905 E. North St. Representatives from Parks & Recreation and consulting firm Halff Associates will be present to discuss the plan with residents. You can also view it by visiting

“Master planning is truly a community-driven effort, and we appreciate the input we’ve received from hundreds of residents,” said Parks & Recreation Director Jason Alfaro offers in the civic alert and says, “We’re confident that residents will be happy with the finished product.” However, Parks does caution, "The changes described in the plan are not set in stone." They are more of a guideline.

So how can we, Victorians, help make it happen? Make your bark heard at the council!

The plan will be presented to the City Council for possible adoption during the Nov. 16 council meeting.

Or, fine we can also quietly fill out this survey card here.

Shout out to Victoria Parks and Recreation!

Either way, shout out to Victoria Parks and Recreation for prioritizing what our community members have to say about the improvements of our incredible parks. Now be sure to frequent them in return!

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