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Victoria Parks And Recreation Announces Adoption of Parks Master Plan

So, what does this adoption mean for the Crossroads community?

Get ready for new walking trails, heightened security, upgraded facilities and yep, a dog park too!

According to the latest City of Victoria civic alert, which you can read in its entirety here, all of these things and more are expected to become a reality for Victoria in the years ahead, and we could not be happier to hear the plan was adopted!

Victoria Parks and Recreation heard our voices and themed the plan, " A Space for All of Us."

A Space for All Of Us includes steps to make sure all residents can enjoy Parks & Recreations’ facilities including accessible playground equipment, ramps and other features for families of all abilities.

According to the Master Plan, trails were identified among the most important and frequently used recreational facilities in Victoria. Did you know Victoria has 6.6 miles of trails? These trails include Lone Tree Creek Hike, the Bike Trail, and the Riverside Park trails, including the Athey Nature Trail. Well, the new plan "recommends creating an expanded trail network and bringing more residential areas within walking distance of a trail"

But wait, there is more, so much more!

Dog parks have been identified to be possible for Riverside and Lone Tree Creek Park as well. How cool would TWO DOG PARKS be for Victoria?!?!

New security lighting and increasing law enforcement's presence is a part of the adopted plan as well as additional park maintenance to increase the aesthetic.

The DUCK POND has been scheduled for completion in early 2022.

How will the adopted master plan be funded?

Residents can expect the City of Victoria and the Victoria Parks and Recreation to seek grant opportunities "such as the Community Development Block Grant program; the National Park Service; and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department"

The City has also received a $300,000 grant from the Marsha Shanklin Foundation toward the creation of a splash pad in Riverside.

"More information will be provided as the City continues to move forward with these and other projects included in the master plan."

The full plan is available for viewing at

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