Every morning on the JP and Ingra Lee show we post a question of the day at 7 am on our KIXS 108 Facebook page.  Our goal is to have fun and converse with you, the listeners!

We try our best every morning to read as many of your responses on-air as we can.

Our questions are often specific to our Crossroads community and this week we asked a question dear to our hearts, which was " What does Riverside Park need next?"

JP and I both love Riverside Park and with almost a hundred comments we thought we would share that the Crossroads loves Riverside Park too!

Suggestions like a rodeo arena, drive-in theatres, tire swings, and an amphitheater were also offered. If you want to read all of the comments on our KIXS108 Facebook page, just click here.

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Also on the list were suggestions for things like rodeo arenas, drive-in theatres, bike rentals, tire swings, and an amphitheater. If you want to read all of the comments on our KIXS108 Facebook page, just click here.

Victorians, if you want to get involved to make improvements and additions to Riverside Park, Danielle Williams, Main Street Executive Director and Interim Parks Director offers,

“What an amazing amount of input from our community! At Parks and Recreation, we love to hear this feedback and want all those wonderful amenities as much as you do. We are excited to announce our new Director, Jason Alfaro will be starting on May 26th and two of the department’s goals will be to re-establish our monthly Parks Commission meetings and embark on a new Parks Masterplan. These are two ways the community can actively participate in the future with providing your wants and needs for our parks system.  Parks Commission is an open public meeting where anyone can come and voice their wants and needs and those dates will soon be posted on our new website. The Parks Masterplan will result in several stakeholder meetings seeking out this same feedback so that in the future we can proactively budget for these amenities. Please stay tuned to the Victoria Parks and Recreation Facebook page for future updates on both!!”

Awesome! We love Riverside and intend to help our new Park Director, Jason Alfaro any way we can!


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