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The New LED Lights of Victoria, Shine So Bright Deep, in the Heart of Our City Parks

The stars at night, shine so bright, deep in the heart of Texas, and now, with new LED lighting installed, the lights at night, shine so bright, deep in the heart of Queen City and Pine Street Parks.

More lighting is scheduled throughout Victoria parks as part of the Parks Master Plan.

Victoria's like the sound of that tune as the City announces even more new LED lighting installations are planned throughout Victoria area parks.

According to the latest City civic alert, which you can read in detail here, the new LED lighting in Queen City Park and well as Pine Street Park offers Victoria park visitors more security and comfort which was a top priority in the newly adopted Parks and Rec Master Plan.

The new lights in both Queen and Pine were funded through the community development block grant program, with the City currently in the process of applying for a $1.6 million grant to replace more than 4,000 amber-colored high-pressure sodium street lights with brighter, more efficient LED lighting throughout the community.

Where can we see Victoria's future getting even brighter?

Parks plans are in the works for even more LED security lighting to be in place throughout the duck pond and dog parks.

Yep, I said dog parks.

Yep, dog parks with an s- multiple dog parks are planned! 

Building and facilitating dog parks continue to move forward through the Parks Master Plan and it's only a matter of time ( and money) before Parks makes the announcement that dog park construction is underway.

A streetlight by a sidewalk is topped with a wide solar panel. A worker approaches with a ladder. Opens in new window

Sufficient lighting plays an important role in improving safety.

“Sufficient lighting plays an important role in improving safety,” said Assistant City Manager Mike Etienne. “The City will continue to pursue grant funding and other resources to help us enhance livability by upgrading our lighting,” the civic alert reads.

“We are thrilled with the new lighting, and we look forward to joining the City in making the area a safer and more beautiful space,” Trish Hastings of Christ's Kitchen offered.

For more information about the Parks & Recreation master plan, visit

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