I have always loved playing with remote controlled cars.  As a kid I used to set up jumps and obstacles to maneuver around.  I have a few friends that have other forms of remote controlled transportation and it has really interested me lately.

I have a friend who has 5 RC helicopters and it's amazing to watch him fly.  It takes some getting used to and you will more than likely be spending a lot of money on parts when starting out due to crashing, but when you get really good you can take them anywhere. 

I have another buddy who has recently been flying RC planes and crashed a few.  So after the crash course he decided to use the broken parts and build a 6ft aircraft carrier.  That is awesome.  Then you could totally land one of those RC helicopters on it.  A plane would be too difficult since there wouldn't be enough room but besides why would u want to anyway. 

The military have been using them for awhile but they call them UAVs which are unmanned Ariel vehicles.  Even the folks from Libya have purchased a few over the internet to help with their war.  This video takes remote controlled vehicles to a whole new level.  Flying Fish!